COVID-19 Statement

Learn how we remain committed to safety during the coronavirus outbreak with some prevention tips.

With vaccines available for all, we at Turquoise have relaxed our mask policy. The CDC insures fully-vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks. But, if you’re unvaccinated we urge you to continue masking.

We’re open and you’re free to drop by.

Turquoise Trucking is committed to our community to keep retail shelves full but also to safety, not just for our customers but for our drivers and office staff as well. We understand the best way to overcome this situation is to continue providing trucking needs to our customers in a safe and responsible way.

Our drivers remain safe thanks to our company policy of no-touch freight. In addition, drivers that have requested home time receive it. Here at Turquoise Trucking, our drivers are like family and we will continue to treat them as such.

The office team has rearranged desks to better practice social distancing. Those with the ability to work from home are doing so. These and other steps ensure safety for everyone.

While our office here in Cedar Rapids remains open we prefer to speak via phone or email to limit close contact. For visitors that would still like to drop by, please phone ahead. Additionally, we will have face masks available upon request.

During these uncertain times, we would like to share how to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus. These and more prevention tips are available at the CDC Coronavirus website.

Clean your hands often

Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer, with at least 60% alcohol, can be used when hand washing isn’t possible.

Cover coughs and sneezes

Use a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Dispose of used tissues immediately and wash hands.

Practice social distancing

Keep a distance of 6 feet from others and avoid crowds.

Stay at home

Avoid close social contact even if you aren’t showing symptoms by staying home as much as possible.

Wear a face cover in public

To reduce the spread of infection to others. Social distancing should still be practiced when wearing a cloth face cover.